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We begin by moving furniture away from the walls. Next, we cover everything with protective plastic before setting up our supplies. 

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Surface Preparation

Before we begin painting, we take great care to ensure that surfaces are flat and uniform. Cracks and holes are filled and primed, and stains are properly sealed.

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After achieving a uniform surface, we apply the appropriate number of topcoats to all surfaces. Our team is familiar with an extensive variety of paints and designer finishes helping you fulfill any design goal. 

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Our team closely inspects surfaces to ensure a top-notch finish and confirms that the final result meets our rigorous standards. We check for straight lines, uniform texture, and complete coverage.

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We remove equipment, sweep, and vacuum. Then return all furniture to its original position. Our Pavo team never leaves behind a mess. You can enjoy your newly painted rooms right away without any hassles. 

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Before we go, a Pavo project manager will walk you through the completed work. A few days later, we check in to make sure you love the final result.

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