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Custom Finishes


STYLE:  Ombre Accent     


It's common to include custom finishes for a more sophisticated look. They help accent walls pop and add dimension to otherwise plain-looking whites and grays.


Our expert painters can confidently produce a variety of custom looks including color wash, limewash, metallic, strié, rag-roll, sponge, whitewash, and ombre. Book here for a free visit from a Pavo Representative. We'll help you choose the appropriate finish and provide a proposal for our painting services.


Metallic Crosshatch


Here, a crosshatch pattern was produced by alternating the direction of brush strokes. The orientation of the brush bristles during the application of this rose gold metallic paint determines the direction light is reflected. This designer style works excellently as an accent wall in an otherwise dull space.


For metallic paints, we recommend matching to the color of your decorative hardware. In this project, the rose gold paint was matched to the knobs and hinges.

Gray Color Wash


In this project, our team produced a color wash finish by combining white and gray paints non-uniformly. We chose the finish to produce a subtle flare of sophistication that doesn't draw too much attention. 


The decorative top coat is quite thin, so we started by applying two base coats of light gray. One must dilute the two colors in a glaze prior to application; this extends drying time giving the painter enough time to work the product into the desired pattern. The effect is produced entirely by hand with a 4" extra wide brush.

Ombre Accent Wall


This unique look was produced by blending three tints from the same color family with a bristle brush. In pencil, a painter lightly draws lines on the wall where the colors will connect. Then, the three colors are rolled on the wall and allowed to dry.


To produce the blended look, the painter applies wet paint to the edge where the colors meet and blends them together using a dry brush in a crisscrossing pattern. This style produces an eye-catching accent and is appropriate to use across a range of spaces.

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